Event Production & Management

Many times when people think about event production, they think of the set design, the screens, the projectors. And yes, all of that is a part of what we do. The stage design, the lighting all helps create the mood, helps create the experience for your attendees.



But, to us, event production is far deeper than that. We see event production as taking your messaging and content and turning it into an experience that your attendees won’t forget. Our producers, produce. We produce an event that caters to your attendees. Whether it be a 750-person general session or a 30-person medical education meeting, we produce your meeting to that audience.


  • Sessions with larger numbers of attendees are helped along by a more theatrical approach, making your content feel more like a “show”, while keeping the content centered on each attendee. By producing the event as such, it keeps your attendees more engaged; especially in a world where your attendees are not used to sitting in one place for long at all. Their day-to-day constantly changing schedules and meetings, means you have to grab their attention quickly and keep it over the course of the event. That’s where we help, not only to get your messaging out but in getting your messaging out in an engaging way.


  • Sessions of smaller attendees need to be produced in an engaging but more “personal” way. Smaller sessions should usually be less “showy” and need to have a more personal feel, more attention paid to each individual. Multiple video rolls, grand introductions, and theatrical entrances for presenters may not fit the “feel” of a smaller group.


  • Virtual Events – We take our expertise in live events and use our knowledge, along with technology advancements to produce a robust, entertaining, informative meeting for your attendees. Whether it is a breakout session using zoom, General Session or Awards Ceremony that needs a little more security and polish, we have done it. We work with presenters in one location or all over the world. While these meetings may not feel as interactive and you don’t get the same feel as you do with a live audience sitting in front of you, small parts like adding a chat function, a Q&A section or even polling, can help make these events as interactive as possible.


Our goal is to make sure you are focused on getting your message out, and only that. Our job is to make sure that everything else around you works – so you don’t need to think about it!

In addition to producing your events, we also have the right experience in choosing the venue for your group size (do you want to be the smallest group at a property? Probably not). A venue may offer amazing views and breathtaking scenery, but if it isn’t the right fit for your group, the attendees won’t remember the amazing vistas, they will remember service. Larger venues may seem great, but you don’t want your attendees to get lost in the size and also lost in the shuffle of other groups. We work with you to pick a property where you are going to be “catered to” while on-site; a property that treats you as if there are no other conventions on site. In addition, by assisting early in the process of choosing a property, we can help work out details on items such as wi-fi and try to help negotiate those items prior to a contract signing.