Examples of Graphic Design / PowerPoint Support

Graphics / PPT


Whether you are outside on a rooftop overlooking a beautiful city, in a ballroom all dressed up for an awards ceremony, or even in a room overlooking the ocean, the slide presentation can make or break your talk.  Too much information and it gets overwhelming and the attendees lose the focus of your talk.  Bad imagery or incorrect imagery can confuse the attendees and take away from your message.

Using graphics to help tell your story but not BE your story can be the difference between a memorable presentation or a quickly forgotten message.  We use graphics to tell the story, use images when possible as opposed to numbers or words, let the graphics be a guide, while YOU, the presenter are the story.

While our graphics teams know powerpoint or keynote inside and out, we think, just as importantly our teams are designers first who also know those programs fluently.  We are not only there to  help make sure the presentation works, we are there to make sure it tells the story design-wise.  The right content and imagery is as important as anything said.