Movie / TV Show Parodies

When it comes to getting your messaging out, sometimes adding a little fun is a great way to do that.  Many times, clients are willing to have some fun and insert themselves into movies.  All it takes is a little green screen, a lot of planning, the right lighting and some CGI edit “magic”.
In this case, we inserted Senior Level Executives into the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Opening Airplane Scene.  It was a great meeting opener!

In another case of a client wanting to use current popular events, the client chose the Family Feud with Steve Harvey. We built a set, spent a full day setting, then a full shoot day (with a Steve Harvey impersonator).  The result was another really well received meeting opener.  We then wrapped the Family Feud theme through that event and then were able to re-use that set a year later for more Family Feud fun!