Video Production

Many times people overthink the “look” of their videos but lose sight of the most important part; the storytelling. The key to any video is always the content and the storytelling that you are using to tell your narrative. We have seen it done far too often, where people are focused too much on the “technology” used to produce.


We call it the “sheep wipe” phenomenon. Back in the early 90’s, there was a company that created a new piece of equipment for editing and it included a video transition of falling sheep. And, too many times, people get caught up in the newest technology and you ended up with sheep wipes in everything from sports shows, to sit down interviews. To us, the story is the most important thing and as we shoot, we are thinking of the edits and the pacing of that storyline. If you want a sheep wipe, we can make that happen, but it has to fit!


Yes, we have access to any gear you would ever need, from small HD cameras and lighting packages, to RED 8K cameras with any lighting and grip essentials needed for all sizes of production, anywhere. We are also trained and armed with the latest and greatest video editing software and expertise. But what we do is in the “story”. We meet with you and work with you to develop your story, the key pieces that you want to get across. All throughout the production, from scripting, to the shoot day(s), to the edit process, we keep those key messages in mind without ever losing the focus of your story.