Virtual Meetings and Events

Virtual meetings are real-time interactions that take place over the Internet using integrated audio and video, chat tools, and application sharing. But what they really are is a way to get people in different places together. Sometimes due to distance and timing, face to face meetings cannot take place. That’s where virtual meetings and trainings come into play. While there are several potential software formats available, knowing the correct platform for the type of meeting is only one step. It is just as important to produce this type of event for not only the presenters but for those attending. In may ways, due to screen fatigue and time zones, these meetings are even more important to produce properly.


We take our expertise in live events and use our knowledge, along with technology advancements to produce a robust, entertaining, informative meeting for your attendees. Whether it is a breakout session using zoom, General Session or Awards Ceremony that needs a little more security and polish, we have done it.


We work with presenters in one location or all over the world. While these meetings may not feel as interactive and you don’t get the same feel as you do with a live audience sitting in front of you, small parts like adding a chat function, a Q&A section or even polling, can help make these events as interactive as possible.